Home of the 15.00 Transfer!


Home of the 15.00 Transfer!


Shot Show 2018.

2018 Shot Show was a huge success. We seen some great new weapons and some fantastic deals. The most notable was the new Springfield 911 380auto. This is basically the same as a sig 238 or a colt pocketlite but with more features at a lower price. This is something we will  have in stock as soon as they come available…..late February! Another hot item is the Glock 19X FDE. Some will refer to this model as a gen5 but its gen free……has many gen5 features!! We will have the Glock 19X in stock on 1/29. We were only allocated 7 at this time but more will be coming. Colt has a New Cobra coming in March to June time frame.  It’s called the Night Cobra: Satin black, front night sight, DAO (no hammer) & lighter trigger spring. This will be awesome, ladies will have no issue squeezing the trigger!! One last notable item is the Sig 365….compact, lightweight, 11rds of 9mm….Wow. Trigger was crisp and balance was great.  Me personally I would like a manual safety but its not about me. We were only allocated one but we will get more of these will be in stock!!

Great deals on Glock products. We will be reducing prices on our Glock 20 gen4 Full Gray, 34 gen4 Full FDE, 26 gen4 Full FDE and the 19 gen4 FDE later this week. Other great deals to watch for that are in stock now or coming next week

  1. Sig 238 extreme 380auto (2mags)….under 500.00
  2. Sig MCX  Hybrid in 300blk …..under 1180.00
  3. Sig MCX  Hybrid in 5.56mm…..under 1100.00
  4. Sig 226 Enhanced Elite 40s&w….only 750.00
  5. Sig 226 TACOPS 40s&w….under 775.00
  6. Sig 1911 Traditional TACOPS 9mm….only 810.00
  7. Sig 1911 Trad match elite in 40s&w…..under 800.00
  8. Remington Versamax Sportsman (semi-auto) 12ga…..under 750.00
  9. Beretta 1301 Tactical (semi-auto) w/ ghost ring 12ga……under 675.00. 

featured products

  • FN 509 black 9mm

    FNH 509 black 9mm 3mags 100220 / 100002 NEW

    $489.99 View Product
  • Sig 320 X Carry 9mm

    Sig 320 X-Carry 3.9″ Black 9mm, 3mags 320XCA-9-BXR3

    Call for price View Product
  • Sig 238 TX flag 380auto

    Sig 238 Texas Flag S-lite 380auto 2mags 238-380-TXF NEW

    $609.99 View Product
  • Sale! Winchester SX3 waterfowl 28" 12ga

    Winchester Super X 3 Waterfowl 28″ 12ga 511159292 100.00 Rebate

    $929.99 $754.99 View Product
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